January & February New Hires!

We’re leaving 2020 behind us in a big way. RHM has kicked off the new year with momentum, drive, and growth—and aggressive hiring to match it.  We know this last year has been a challenge for everyone, but we’re determined to emerge from it a better, stronger, bigger, and closer team than we’ve ever been. […]

Three Ways to Show Your Employees You Care in 2021

Go back even twenty or thirty years, and you’ll find yourself in a world where blind loyalty was expected from workplace talent and not earned by the leadership.  The above statement isn’t meant to say all of that era’s employers walked around crushing employee morale with an iron fist. However, things like staff well-being weren’t […]

New Year, New You? Why 2021 is the Perfect Time to Become a Recruiter

Okay, okay. There’s nothing quite as cliché as the old new year’s resolution chatter. Yet, with all platitudes, there exists a universal truth. It’s only natural that every 12 months brings upon a time of reflection. Sure, many people ponder over their dream physique or their interpersonal relationships. They’ll even mull over the idea of […]

4 Critical Retention Tips for 2021

Even before the complete whirlwind of the pandemic, there were major changes in the relationship between employee and employer that were developing—2020, among other things, exacerbated and expedited those changes. Where before employers had to cater little to their employees outside of consistent compensation, keeping top-performing employees requires a little bit more intention and a […]

Top 7 Most Important Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2021

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has thrown the entire world the biggest curveball ever. The evolving job scene reflects the endless stream of winners and losers, with moving goalpost added to the mix for good measure. While unemployment is high, individuals with a decent skillset realize that they are in control. That’s why it makes […]

Top Emerging Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

2020 was marked by the global pandemic response. Business continuity became the primary organizational goal of every business. Survival depended on quickly, securely, going remote. Social distancing requirements turned existing trends like digitization and remote work, into sudden mandates. Instead of a gradual adoption of new technology, there was a lurch forward. Technology trends have […]

Four Compelling Perks of Being a Recruiter

Do you ever notice how most professional recruiters hold an air of both satisfaction and self-fulfillment? Many people feel bogged down by their current career path. Whereas those in recruiting seem to wake up every morning with a new lease on life. Don’t just take this writer’s word for it. The facts tell the complete […]

4 Traits and Skills that Predict a Successful Recruiting Career

Let’s face it—we’re all happy none of us will have to relive 2020.  Few years have presented as much disruption to all aspects of life, especially professional life. By now, most of us have experienced directly or know someone in our immediate social circles who has experienced a layoff.  Fortunately, though some industries like retail […]