In this economic climate, companies need staffing firms to capture the best talent available while maintaining their flexible hiring initiatives. RHM Staffing Solutions provides flexible staffing options to match your changing business needs. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term employees, we’re here to help you find and recruit the right staff for the job!

For all your Midwest staffing needs, trust RHM Staffing Solutions. Our team of recruiting experts has experience finding candidates for architecture, commercial, engineering, construction, environmental, and scientific positions. Every hiring process is unique to your needs. Call us today to learn about our recruiters.

Our Solutions


At RHM, we’ve placed countless people in jobs where they can utilize their talents for the good of the entire organization. We hold our employees to the same standards that we seek in candidates for your company. Our culture focuses on promoting growth within a dedicated, productive environment. Because our employees are fulfilled in their positions, they are more productive in the search for your candidates. RHM is committed to finding candidates that will do the same in your industry. Find out more about how we can help you or your company.



People are integral to the success of any company. When you have a team of talented, dedicated people, your organization can achieve great things.


Result Driven

You can measure the success of any project by its results. We’re always focused on the future, and our hiring solutions are geared toward your success.


Committed Long Term

Whether you utilize our contract staffing or direct placement services, at RHM, we’re here for the long haul. We’ll be by your side whenever you need new talent.


RHM made an impressive impact on our business and have made my job a lot easier. The urgency and professionalism RHM displayed has gone a long way, please keep up the good work.
Joseph H.
Recruitment Manager
Striving to change people’s lives for the better while also providing the best service possible to both our clients and contractors is a challenge all of us embrace.
Amber T.
Continuous Improvement Leader


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