RHM July Highlights

July was a busy, but highly productive month for the team here at RHM Staffing Solutions. We’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know all of our new team members, and we also gathered together as an entire company for our annual meeting and team outing—we’ll share more about that later. Through all […]

5 Ways to Capitalize on Your Job Hunt

When you’re on the hunt for a job, the process can quickly begin to feel like a job all on its own. Except it’s a job that you’re not getting paid to do. At times the job hunt can be a war of attrition, and any resource you can add to your arsenal can pay […]

Top 4 Trends Impacting the Recruiting Landscape Today

We’ve come a long way since Rolodexes and newspaper ads were the kings of the recruiting world. These days, a host of players have formed a new dynasty in recruiting by combining technological advancements, introducing new levels of collaboration, and adapting to societal trends. Here’s a peek at a few of the most impactful trends […]

How Recruiting Can Be the Springboard to Your Dream Job

So much of the recruiting world focuses on the candidate’s career (and rightly so) that many people usually overlook the obvious other career in the equation: the recruiters. Careers in the staffing industry have long been coveted by energetic, competitive individuals who value a results-driven, lucrative, and satisfying work life. Additionally, the many future career […]