Local Expertise, Expansive Network

Finding talent in today’s labor market is challenging for employers. If you find yourself struggling to fill open positions for your business, reach out to the staffing experts at RHM Staffing. Our team of industry experts have a proven track record overcoming hiring challenged and providing qualified, reliable candidates to our clients. With our Oakbrook location, we have established a deep pipeline of local talent and industry knowledge, enabling us to readily supply timely solutions for your company.

Specialized & Efficient Staffing Solutions

At RHM Staffing, we don’t apply the same cookie-cutter approach to every client. For each search, we collaborate with your internal staff to develop a specific strategy that serves your exact needs. Our team is deeply involved within the engineering and manufacturing industries, producing a powerful network that can quickly identify and attract the top talent you need.

Instead of jumping on the first resume that seems to check all of the boxes, we put each potential hire through or advanced skill assessments, thorough phone interviews, and exhaustive reference checks to ensure that they are a perfect fit. Our service to you doesn’t end simply when we fill your roles, either. We make sure to stay in touch with the candidate while they work for you to address any concerns and promote the healthiest working relationship possible.

Oak Brook Location

RHM Staffing Solutions
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