4 Tips to Ensure That Your Next Hire is a Good Fit

Good help can be remarkably hard to find, especially in a day and age in which the professional world is still reeling from massive changes. So, in a world where virtual interaction is becoming the new norm, finding out whether a prospective hire is a good choice can be a more complicated endeavor than it […]

5 Alternatives to Job Fairs for Effective Campus Recruiting

Job fairs have become a common occurrence in recruitment for both fully graduated professionals and students alike. However, as the realm of workplace standards has evolved in recent days, so too have the practices for recruitment events. As a result, when it comes to recruitment on the campus of an educational facility, recruiters have had […]

The Benefits and Reasons to Consider a Career as a Recruiter

Working in recruitment does not cross everyone’s mind due to the ambiguity behind such a career. You likely have not heard much about how working as a recruiter might be beneficial to you. However, you might be surprised to learn that working as a recruitment expert can be a deeply rewarding career choice. The role […]

Tips to Hire AutoCad Architectural Drafting Students and Grads

Companies that need to hire specialized engineers, such as architectural drafters, have a unique challenge ahead of them. While these highly skilled positions are sought-after, the candidates seeking them are relatively rare. It can be challenging to find them, especially if your hiring process involves tossing a job listing on Indeed and calling it a […]

5 Soft Skills Your Next Engineer Needs

Engineering isn’t only about robotics, manufacturing, structure analysis, and programming. Surprised? Believe it or not, engineering technical skills aren’t enough to cut it these days in the field. A trustworthy, adaptable, and competent engineer has technical acumen as well as soft skills.  Tech employees face decreased productivity, innovation, and growth if they don’t have soft […]

RHM Staffing Solutions Summer Hires!

It’s been a summer of incredible growth, momentum, and fun here at RHM! As we continue to expand and evolve, we’ve added some tremendous new talent to our teams. None of what we’ve achieved here would be possible without the incredible people we’re lucky enough to say we work with.  Please join us in sending […]

3 Engineering Recruiting Trends to Watch

The only way your business will attract the best available engineering candidates is by keeping up with the current industry recruiting trends.  Staying informed about these trends lets you know how to present yourself to the types of difference-makers you want in your organization. Better yet, you’ll learn to speak the language of the most […]

Why 2021 is the Perfect Time to Become a Recruiter

Many brilliant young minds out there aren’t 100% sure about their career path.  In fact, the majority of people often find that their first “real job” out of college is a far cry from the experience they thought it would be. While it’s far from a happy discovery, there can be some encouragement and comfort […]

Construction Industry Navigating Spiking Prices and Supply Chain Delays

Construction industry professionals have plenty to be excited about with the pandemic reaching its end and unemployment shrinking by the day.  However, issues with spiking prices for building material and supply chain delays are causes for concern throughout the industry. Construction Leaders who successfully navigate these issues will gain a competitive edge.  Building Materials Are […]