Workers Tired of Poor Benefits Turn to Contract Jobs

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Thinking about taking a contract job? Well, the reasons to take contract jobs since the pandemic have been piling up:  

  • Gaining skills and building networks  
  • Improved job security  
  • Higher wages  
  • Accelerated career advancement  
  • More exposure, less risk  

If those benefits weren’t enough, it’s predicted that contract jobs will grow faster than all other jobs through 2025.  

One of the main drivers of this phenomenon is the many benefits contract workers enjoy. In this blog, we’ll explore why contract jobs have exploded and how you can get started on your next contract.   

Why Workers Need Better Benefits   

Workers with great benefits are more likely to feel engaged and satisfied with their work.   

Benefits have always been of paramount importance to workers, especially so to contract workers, because they aren’t typically entitled to the benefits their employer offers their full-time employees.   

Signing up for a new job is like getting married: You’re committing to spending at least eight hours a day, five days a week, with the same people. And just like marriage, there are ups and downs in your relationship with your coworkers.  

A positive work environment is crucial to both employee retention and morale. And benefits can be an essential factor in creating this environment. Benefits show employees that their employer cares about their well-being and can also be the differentiating factor that causes a job seeker to choose one job over the other.  

With Contract Jobs, the Employer Changes, but Benefits Remain   

Many job seekers have a common question when considering a contract job: “What do my benefits look like?”  

The simplest answer to that question depends on the staffing agency that facilitated the contract job you accepted.   

The good news for workers is that staffing agencies are highly incentivized to offer stellar benefits to ensure they earn relationships with the best and brightest candidates. This means that when you accept a contract job through a staffing agency, your top-of-the-line benefits will stay the same as you move from company to company on contracts.   

The Need for More Flexibility   

The most significant benefit of taking on a contract job has to be flexibility.   

Contract workers enjoy greater flexibility over other types of employment arraignments—and, since the onset of the pandemic, flexibility is more important than ever.   

The rise in contract work has given workers more options for finding employers who fit their needs and lifestyles. While some may choose these companies simply because they want to make more money than they could at their current job, others will choose them based on the flexibility they offer.   

These days, many people don’t want to be tied down by a nine-to-five schedule (or some version of it); instead, they want to pick and choose when and where they work. And that’s why contract jobs hold so much appeal to professionals: workers aren’t beholden to one employer or employer-sponsored benefits plan when they take on short-term gigs through specialized staffing firms.   

Working With an Expert Recruiter   

If you’re considering a contract job, consider working with a partner who values your success above all else. At RHM Staffing, we exist to help professionals like you take the next step in their careers with confidence. Contact our team of expert recruiters today to get hired!