Local Expertise, Expansive Network

For any company, filling open positions on your team is a top priority. A team that is under-staffed can create large challenges for the organization as a whole. It’s not only about filling positions, you want the most qualified people on your team to keep your business running smoothly. At RHM Staffing Schaumburg, our team of industry experts is well-versed in providing our clients with qualified, reliable candidates. Our Schaumburg office gives us access to a large network of experienced talent in the Chicagoland area, enabling us to quickly find the right talent solutions for your company.

Specialized, Efficient Staffing Solutions

Each position that opens in your organization requires a unique blend of skills. At RHM Staffing, we take the time to collaborate with your internal team and develop a talent acquisition strategy to fit your needs. Rather than using a “one size fits all” package, our team relies on their deep involvement in the engineering, manufacturing, construction, environmental, scientific (and more) industries and leverages established networks to attract the best candidates near you for your company.

You won’t get a single resume from the first candidate who fits; we carefully vet every potential hire using skill assessments, thorough phone interviews, and strict reference checks before you ever meet them. Once you’ve filled the positions, our job doesn’t end. We stay in touch with the candidates we place to help address any concerns either party has, encouraging the best working relationship possible. 

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