Top 5 Factors That Make Recruiting an Amazing Career Choice

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Whether you’re a college student, just joining the workforce, or looking to switch career paths – recruiting is a fantastic career choice. Recruiting is an occupation that’s full of excitement, opportunity, and possibility for growth – it can even be the springboard to your dream job

While recruiting may not be for everyone, it is an excellent field for energetic, competitive individuals who are ready to make an impact. If this sounds like you, here are five key benefits you should consider regarding recruiting when deciding your next career move:

1 – Freedom and Control Over Work

One significant benefit to being a recruiter is that most recruiters have a lot of discretion over their job due to each requisition having its own set of complex challenges. While a recruiting manager may offer suggestions on how to proceed, they rarely expect you to follow a strict schedule or guideline. As long as you’re getting your work done, bringing in results, and being respectful, you’ll have a lot of flexibility regarding how and when you do your job.

2 – Amazing Pay and High Demand 

While pay will vary from employer to employer, a mid-level recruiter at an agency has the potential to earn around $70,000 per year base salary. But, in reality, the pay scale is much larger than that. As a recruiter, you earn more money by making more placements for your clients. 

Additionally, the need for recruiters is at an all-time high. With the current candidate shortage in the job market, companies – now more than ever before – are in desperate need of new hires. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for new recruiters to make a name, and profit, for themselves.

3 – No Major Barriers to Entry

One of the reasons recruiting is such a great field for people wanting to make a career change is that there are no heavy entry requirements. There isn’t a specific degree or certification to become a recruiter. As long as you have interpersonal skills and an eagerness to learn, you have a chance at becoming a great recruiter. 

4 – Diversity in Assignments

With recruiting, you will fill various job openings and may even work with multiple industries to fill those positions. You’ll be interacting with people on all levels, from all walks of life, every day – and people can be unpredictable! Recruiters often face new challenges as the job market shifts and new jobs open up, which to many people in this field is one of their favorite and most exciting aspects of their career.

5 – It’s Great for Out-of-Industry Professionals Who Want to Make a Change

Like mentioned previously, recruiting is a fantastic option for individuals seeking a change in careers. With the low barrier to entry and the ability to earn a high pay right off the bat, it’s no wonder why so many people jump over to recruiting after being in the same workforce for ten or more years. After working in one industry for so long, a change in pace is very appealing – especially in recruiting, where your work varies daily. Many professionals making this change can also utilize their specialized industry knowledge and connections from their previous careers to help place top candidates in similar roles.

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