How Recruiting Can Be the Springboard to Your Dream Job

How recruiting can be the Springboard to Your Dream Job

So much of the recruiting world focuses on the candidate’s career (and rightly so) that many people usually overlook the obvious other career in the equation: the recruiters.

Careers in the staffing industry have long been coveted by energetic, competitive individuals who value a results-driven, lucrative, and satisfying work life.

Additionally, the many future career paths that eagerly open their doors to recruiters are often overlooked. While helping meet the career and staffing goals for their clients (and making good money for it), recruiters are developing a highly diverse and marketable set of skills that can launch them to the top of hiring lists if they choose not to stick around the staffing world down the road.

This specific, desirable work experience is immensely valuable, particularly in the current job climate, as nearly 75% of employers cite finding skilled candidates as a significant issue.

Let’s look at a couple of upper management roles that love when an experienced recruiter comes knocking:

HR Manager

Transitioning to a role as a Human Resource Manager is a natural pivot for many aspiring recruiters, as both roles draw on a similar set of skills.

Organization, communication, and decision-making skills are all essential to making a quality HR manager candidate. Fortunately, these are all traits that an experienced recruiter will finely tune throughout their first few years.

HR managers and recruiters alike deal with a high volume of people every day, sharpening all manner of valuable interpersonal skills. Due to this high volume, an ability to organize all of the accompanying paperwork, individual needs, and employee relations is equally important. Recruiters are tasked with very similar demands, which make them forerunners in the hiring process should they seek out an upper management role in HR.

Now is a very opportune time to target such roles, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects HR management roles to increase 9% from 2020 to 2024 (with a median annual pay of $113,300)

Public Relations

A savvy public relations professional is another viable career destination for many recruiters to target.

A career in PR centers around earning support and understanding for your clients, as well as managing a variety of expectations. An all-star communicator is needed to satisfy the demands of both the organization and the public.

The planning, research, and organizational skills that good recruiters have in spades are crucial for successful public relations officers as they take on the challenging but highly rewarding objective of managing complex reputations.

Salaries for PR managers vary depending on the industry, typically in the $100k range with an expected growth above the national average.

Events Planner

If you find yourself loving the satisfaction of crushing the many planning responsibilities and the joy that comes with it in the daily life of a recruiter, you can capitalize on that experience for a career in event planning.

While it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, a career in event planning can be exhilarating, rewarding, and absolutely eventful (sorry) for the right person.

Recruiters that are gifted and take pride in their supreme competency to interact with any kind of client, meet their lists of demands and have a third eye for all the little details can excel in this fun and lucrative field.

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Whether you see yourself occupying the Recruiter Hall of Fame, or have equally ambitious career aspirations in another field, starting your professional career as a recruiter is a great springboard for your career, and RHM is one of the best places to get started.