Why You Should Quit a Job You Hate

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For some people, it just works out. You probably know some of them. 

They knew what they wanted to do and who they wanted to be when they were still biking to junior high. They landed some key internships while working towards their degree and got the perfect first job right out of college before the student loan payments came calling. 

And off they go, skipping down their yellow-bricked career path, cash spilling out of their wicker lunch basket as the sun shines on the green hills that roll endlessly on in front of them. 

Okay, back to the real world. Many of us don’t feel that way about our job whether we are one, two, or even five years into our careers. Maybe life as a physician’s assistant isn’t what you thought it would be. Maybe you loved studying to become an accountant, but not working as an accountant. Maybe you just need a change of scenery or a new boss. 

Whatever the reason you’re unhappy at work, there are many more good reasons to put in some real, actionable energy into quitting a job that just isn’t making you happy. 

Instead of continuing to beat yourself up for past decisions that can’t be undone, you can make the next right decision. Shift your focus to the future. Life isn’t decided for you, and there is no age, career stage, or circumstance that can rule out a healthy career change for you.

For the dissatisfied, disillusioned workers out there motivated to make a positive change in their lives, this blog will highlight a few of the many reasons it’s a good idea to quit a job you hate and get closer to the one that you love. 

Mental Health

This is first and foremost. Nothing is more important than your mental health. With high profile athletes such as Kevin Love recently opening up and kickstarting initiatives, proper care and action around mental health in the U.S. seems to finally be outgrowing a long-lasting stigma. 

More and more reputable data is being accrued in the scientific community, relating low job satisfaction levels to a bevy of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. 

It’s important to point out that the converse is also true–known as the “protective effect,” high levels of job satisfaction have been shown to increase levels of health, happiness, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

Relationships Suffer

It may not seem an obvious connection at first, but an unhappy job life has been correlated to decreased relationship satisfaction levels. Being repetitively dissatisfied, frustrated, and stressed at work has negative effects that seep into that person’s relationships. 

Many stressful workdays don’t end simply when you punch out. Compartmentalizing what happens at work and adjusting to a relaxing, healthy evening can be an extreme challenge. Much of that stress inevitably ends up being carried home, affecting the ones around you whether they are friends, family, or partners. 

Physical Health

This may come off as fear-mongering, but physical symptoms brought on by excessive stress is by no means a controversial claim in the medical world.

General fatigue, headaches, insomnia, muscle pains, and more are all common physical manifestations of chronic stress, which can be exacerbated by low levels of job satisfaction. Left unchecked, these can progress to more complex symptoms such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, skin and hair problems (like psoriasis, eczema, and hair loss), and gastrointestinal problems. 

We’re not saying if you have a bad day at work your heart will explode instantly, but we are saying that living in a state of chronic stress for extended periods of time has very real, measurable health and wellness consequences. 

Let Us Help You Find Your Next Job

Reminder: Quitting your job isn’t anything we recommend doing whimsically, without a viable option lined up, or in a financial situation that can’t stomach weeks or months without income. 

But if you’ve put in the time and reflection needed to come to a decision you trust, getting out of a job that’s making you miserable can be the first powerful step you take to a better life. And if you don’t know already, working with experienced recruiters to help you identify great roles and companies can dramatically accelerate the process for you. 

Who knows, after working with one of them and seeing the impact they have (and the money they make doing it) you just might want to become one.

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