What the Infrastructure Bill Means for​​ Architecture Jobs

It’s been a year since the White House passed a historic bipartisan infrastructure bill, enabling the United States to take serious steps toward creating a stronger and more sustainably built environment. In the time elapsed since then, we’ve seen demand for architecture jobs spike considerably, simultaneous with a talent pool that continues to shrink. Below, […]

Holiday Blues? Workers Find Unlikely Relief in Temp Staffing

If you’ve been feeling a little down lately (and by no means are you alone!), it may be more than just the shorter days bringing your spirits low. Holiday depression, or the “holiday blues,” is a common condition that the medical community is paying increasing attention to—and for those affected (about 55% of Americans), it […]

How Construction Staffing Solutions Can Solve Common Barriers to Hiring

The construction industry has faced its fair share of challenges over the past few years—that’s no secret.   But as we round out 2022 and head into 2023, optimism about the health and growth of the industry abounds. While this is welcome news for businesses across the country, one thorn is still firmly embedded in their […]

Lack of Funding for the EPA Has Made Environmental Health Services More Important Than Ever

Despite mounting nationwide pressure from Americans to work towards building a sustainable future, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been sorely underfunded for years. And 2022 was no different.    While the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law from 2021 delivered funds for clean water programs and hazardous waste cleanups, the EPA’s infrastructure still leaves much to be desired.   […]

What Technology Staffing Agencies Like Ours Know About Remote Work So Far

Not hyperbole: there’s an elephant in the office at nearly every organization across the United States, and its name is Remote Work.   Maybe hyperbole: remote work is the largest societal change in the United States since the end of World War II (at least according to Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella).  Even if you don’t assess […]

What Could a Recruiter’s Career Path Look Like?

Could This Be the Right Profession for You? Find Out Here! At RHM Staffing, we’re always thrilled to find job seekers who ultimately want to help other job seekers connect to their dream work. If you’re a driven people person with a keen business sense, a recruiting career path might suit you well. But first, […]

How RHM Became a Top Midwest Staffing Agency

You’ll find plenty of staffing agencies across the Midwest. We’re a region filled with industrious people: We accept heavy workloads without complaining and stay until the job gets done. So, naturally, we’re passionate about finding meaningful careers where people can contribute their efforts in a place where they feel they can make a difference.   Whether […]

What You Need to Know About Careers for Millennial and Gen Z Engineers 

How This Dynamic Field Keeps Changing, Attracting Young Workers   An estimated 75 million Baby Boomers are retiring soon, leaving space in the popular field of engineering. While this STEM career path remains popular with younger workers entering the labor force, the rate at which they’re replacing retirees has many in the industry worried about a […]

3 Unexpected Soft Skills to Look for in Engineers 

As we mentioned in our first blog on the five soft skills for engineers, engineering isn’t only about robotics, manufacturing, structure analysis, and programming. These days, the technical skills of engineering aren’t enough to succeed as an engineer.   To be a successful engineer, you need soft skills to call on to be more focused in […]