How RHM Became a Top Midwest Staffing Agency

You’ll find plenty of staffing agencies across the Midwest. We’re a region filled with industrious people: We accept heavy workloads without complaining and stay until the job gets done. So, naturally, we’re passionate about finding meaningful careers where people can contribute their efforts in a place where they feel they can make a difference.  

Whether you’re looking to fill contract or long-term jobs, we’re excited to show you how our services can give your business or job search a competitive edge. Keep reading to explore our best qualities and how they make us stand above similar recruiting agencies.

We’re Recruiting for the Most Difficult-to-Staff Industries

We take on some of the toughest industries to recruit for, including architecture, technology, construction, engineering, environmental, and scientific. As such, we represent some of the most difficult-to-staff employers – and always gladly accept a challenge.  

We have many clients that don’t have a large pool of qualified applicants to draw from, and we are on the front lines of their staffing efforts. So, we’re often tasked with more arduous legwork to get competitive candidates in front of our clients.

That means working with a larger network of talent, data collection, and candidate engagement (and reengagement) efforts than we’d employ in a vertical that was easier to staff. As a result, we’ll save you frustration and countless labor hours so you can get back to focusing on your immediate business concerns.

We Base Our Culture on Service

You’ll hear us mention our culture all over our blog and throughout our social media. It’s simple: We believe in service, and we’re committed to providing it to every person we encounter. Our people are friendly, respectful, honest, and hardworking. And they always put our clients first.

At RHM, we hope that our relationship extends beyond those few tough hires you’re trying to reach. In the uncertain world of staffing, where market conditions can change your needs in an instant, we aim to be your trustworthy partners who help you navigate the landscape as your hiring needs change.

We believe that superior service can’t exist without careful planning. That’s why we have a proven recruitment strategy carefully designed to help you grow – starting with our thorough customer needs analysis, followed by a comprehensive candidate evaluation – and continuing as we follow up with the hiring manager post-hire to ensure our candidates meet your standards.

We’re Laser-Focused on Growth and Opportunity

We also consider the unique needs of every job seeker we work with, and we respect that those needs differ highly from person to person. Making a great match between candidates, your job demands active listening skills and open-mindedness.

For example, we might find what we consider an ideal candidate for an open role on LinkedIn. But in close communication with the candidate, we may discover they’re looking for an entirely different management style than the person we’re scheduling their next interview with.

Contact RHM Staffing Today

We’d love to show you all the perks of working with RHM Staffing Solutions firsthand, so we hope to hear from you soon. And if you’re a bit south of the Midwest, we also have a Nashville location for your convenience and provide superior staffing for Nashville’s job market as well.

Ready to fill those valuable positions with the help of a service-driven staffing provider? Contact RHM Staffing Solutions today.