What You Need to Know About Careers for Millennial and Gen Z Engineers 

How This Dynamic Field Keeps Changing, Attracting Young Workers

An estimated 75 million Baby Boomers are retiring soon, leaving space in the popular field of engineering. While this STEM career path remains popular with younger workers entering the labor force, the rate at which they’re replacing retirees has many in the industry worried about a looming gap in available talent.  

To get out ahead of a talent shortage that could get far worse, many employers are taking proactive measures to ensure their business will be the most attractive for Millennial and Gen Z engineers entering the workforce.  

 Along the way, they’re discovering the expectations of younger engineers have shifted considerably. Everything from the benefits and perks to where and when engineers can do their best work has been redefined. Here’s what you should know about bridging the “Great Retirement” gap and how young engineers can rise to the occasion.  

New Expectations of Remote Work

Younger Millennials and older Gen Zer’s might have logged onto their first professional job virtually, potentially never stepping foot into an office. So, it makes sense that this generation has completely reshaped the way we think about technology and how employees access it. Regardless of the specific engineering discipline, most jobs in this field require intense concentration for problem solving, a perfect fit for remote work environments.  

Decreased Tolerance for Boomer Work Culture

Boomers brought us the idea of the corporate office, the long tenure at one place of business, and a respect for traditional, hierarchical workplace systems. By contrast, Millennials largely prefer remote work, transitioning jobs to maximize earnings, and a more democratic workplace.

It’s also interesting to note that a recent study showed that only 28 percent of millennials believe that workers planned to stay with the same employer for at least five years, compared to almost half of Baby Boomers. To attract and win over young engineers, many employers have been relying more on recruiting firms like RHM Staffing Solutions. We help clarify and emphasize common priorities like workplace/schedule flexibility, culture, and tangible rewards to help our clients communicate the steps they’ve taken to build a contemporary workplace.

Need to Upskill Millennials and Train Gen Z 

On the other hand, employers need to make sure the Millennial and Gen Z workers stepping in to fill the skills gap are well equipped to take on the open roles, too. As Baby Boomers retire, they’re leaving behind senior-level positions that some less experienced engineers don’t yet possess the skills to fill. Millennials have one of the toughest career paths ahead of them, as they’ve seen the greatest influx and shift in the technology tools they’re expected to use. Further, this generation has to contend with the more meticulous approach of engineering from Gen X and Boomer managers, who expect new hires to explain their analysis results and modeling without relying too heavily on digital tools.   

And with the majority of Gen Z’s entering the workforce in their early 20s, you’ll want to prepare them to become the next successful group to thrive in these roles. This generation holds the advantage of an early introduction to the most modern technology standards, making them a key asset in the workplace. However, they’re one of the most resistant groups to postsecondary education, making a focus on ongoing and upskilling a key hiring and retention tool for them.  

Pros of Hiring Millennial Engineers 

Companies attracting younger generations to their engineering teams should count themselves lucky. You’ll benefit from their fresh ideas, networking prowess, and tireless determination when they align their goals with a purpose.  

Integrating the strengths of both Millennial and Gen Z staff into your workforce will give you open-minded, hard-working employees that challenge old paradigms while helping you build a more profitable, scalable business.  

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