Three Top Tips for Finding Millennial Engineering Candidates

Finding engineering job candidates

Millennials have a mixed-up reputation. To some, the generation spanning in age between 18 and 34 is entitled, ill-experienced, or too social. Others see past the Zuckerberg hoodies and Netflix to scope millennial ingenuity, capability, versatility and panache. In that camp are the most forward-thinking corporations and fiery startups. If your company seeks a millennial candidate for your engineering team, you will be among many of the world’s most prestigious firms. Perhaps it’s the fresh ideas, the finesse in networking, or the gritty up-all-night dedication that keeps us wanting these young adults on board, but we can’t help ourselves.

The only trouble is, the traditional classified ads and lengthy application forms are so Gen-Y and don’t speak to today’s up-and-comers. How can you revamp your HR protocol to include – and attract – this highly sought-after job-seeking subset of engineers?

Recruit Millennials Actively & Early

Millennials are future-focused, yet they live in the now. This apparent paradox actually gives them a sharp advantage over older job seekers because they know what’s happening and they’re intuitive to the next trends and movements. As such, finding today’s millennial job seeker may bring you to the game a bit too late. Anticipate the curve and recruit collegiate millennials who will be ready for the picking soon. Visit college campuses and make your company and your brand apparent to them. You may score a workhorse intern and in time, a dedicated engineer.

Scope Millennial Candidates on Their Socials

We all know social media is the “Millennial Mecca.” More and more companies are capitalizing on this truth by posting jobs and interacting with candidates on Twitter, Facebook, and – more obviously – LinkedIn. Millennials gravitate to these platforms not only to swap Memes and #selfies, but also to connect to the industries in which they work and study, and – you guessed it – to snag jobs. Don’t be afraid to throw out an #engineeringjobs tweet or, better yet, scout for talent on these platforms and reach out directly.

Optimize Your Application Process for Mobile Millennials

Long, daunting, and technically unstable applications are all too real, even in 2016. While some HR departments depend on a fully populated application, others are switching to a cover letter & resume method of screening candidates, at least initially. Whatever the case, be sure that candidates can upload documents, fill out forms, or answer questionnaires by way of a mobile device. Fewer Millennials are operating laptops, and less often. To ensure you don’t lose excellent talent to inconvenience or lack of access, make it mobile-friendly or better yet, offer up an email address and keep it simple.

Following these tips will guarantee you a greater pool of inbound millennial applicants and the best shot at scouting and reaching out to today’s top talent. For more on this, or to be connected with the ideal millennial engineering candidate, collaborate with us. RHM Technical, a RodgersHouder Company has a fantastic rapport with the millennial engineering workforce and an eagerness to pair them with excellent employers.