The Benefits and Reasons to Consider a Career as a Recruiter

Contract Recruitment Career

Working in recruitment does not cross everyone’s mind due to the ambiguity behind such a career. You likely have not heard much about how working as a recruiter might be beneficial to you. However, you might be surprised to learn that working as a recruitment expert can be a deeply rewarding career choice. The role has many benefits that you might not otherwise see in other mainstream employment options.

Benefit 1: Freedom

One of the biggest highlights of working in recruitment is that you are given a wider range of freedom than you might find in a more common mainstream position. This means that you can fashion a work schedule that suits your needs and particular situation. Depending on that situation, having a flexible schedule could make all the difference for your lifestyle.

You could easily attend to your clients’ needs, get them the talent they need, and still have the free time you need to take care of your family or chores. In addition, you no longer need to worry about staying within the bounds of a supervisor or boss. You become your own boss and can assign tasks as necessary.

Not everyone takes to the contractor lifestyle, but if it’s appealing to you, you should give it a try. The flexibility and freedom can be very liberating and let you live out many of your dreams.

Benefit 2: Greater Earnings

One of the most common issues with working full-time is finding a position that offers enough pay to maintain a comfortable life. One benefit that recruiting agents have over many other full-time employees is that they get paid based on the amount of “deals” they close. 

As a recruiter, you can charge your clients for the services they require and take the payment directly based on the results of your work ethic. High rates of success lead to higher amounts of money per paycheck. In essence, you can earn what your services and time are worth and based on your available resources.

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, the average salary of a recruiter is around $53,000 a year. That average is before commissions, meaning the potential for financial growth for a recruiter is near limitless.

Sure, success relies on your ability to succeed in your role, but that’s no different from any other job.

Benefit 3: Networking

One of the most important benefits that recruiters enjoy is the ability to expand their professional network. When you are actively in business for yourself, finding contacts who can put you in touch with potential clients is essential. In addition, they help bring in more work by getting the word out about your agency and attracting new clients.

Successful integration of recruits you have managed for companies can net repeat business from that company. In addition, networking allows recruiters to bolster their average earnings further and, therefore, makes the entire career path far more sustainable and enriching than you might otherwise have thought.

The Solution

Working as a recruiter is something that requires a great deal of effort and consideration to succeed. You need to be personable and capable of evaluating aspiring employees and their aptitudes to ensure they have the best possible chance of succeeding at the position you offer them. It’s rewarding, but not everyone has the requisite skills and personality.

However, if you have these skills, you can excel as a recruiter and ensure that the companies that hire you staff only the best talent. If becoming a recruiter is something that appeals to your professional sensibilities, then contact us at RHM Staffing to join up and be part of the solution.