Why 2021 is the Perfect Time to Become a Recruiter

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Many brilliant young minds out there aren’t 100% sure about their career path. 

In fact, the majority of people often find that their first “real job” out of college is a far cry from the experience they thought it would be. While it’s far from a happy discovery, there can be some encouragement and comfort when you realize this is a very normal part of the human experience. 

If you’re looking for a way out of your current career track and find yourself bursting with untapped potential, we’re here to explain why you should put some serious thought into becoming a potential recruiter. 

You’ll Rise the Ranks Quickly 

In other professions, your position is your position–and your pay is your pay, no matter how well you perform or how hard you work. Sure, you’ll get your chance to negotiate a raise at some point, but that can be subjective if you work as a marketer, for instance. 

Recruiting is driven by performance. Those who deliver results by insightfully and successfully matching candidates with companies reap the rewards. 

There’s no subjectivity about it. The results are the results. When you put in the work and make things happen, it gets reflected in your pay and career trajectory faster than you’d think. 

The Every-Day Variety Keeps You Engaged 

There are plenty of positions that can get repetitive–even those with a significant upside. That monotony can take a job that initially seems engaging and turn it into a complete drag. 

You won’t run into the “boring” problem as a recruiter, where you’re working with different people in varying industries and professions. Each day brings unique candidates who need support pinpoint specific to their skillsets and experience. 

When you have this level of variety in your day-to-day, you’ll never get bored or lose interest. You might even find the day is over as soon as it starts, given the fast-paced nature of recruiting. 

You’re Making a Positive Difference in People’s Lives 

Some jobs offer lots of compensation, but they’re not all that fulfilling. 

Imagine, for instance, working for an insurance company, and your role was denying people’s claims to medical treatments. You could pull in 6 figures doing that kind of job, but it makes it hard to sleep at night. 

With recruiting, you have peace of mind knowing that you’re a career and business builder. 

Through your efforts, clients – both employers and candidate – will develop, grow, and flourish for generations. And that’s enough reason to go to bed every night with an enormous smile on your face. 

The Skills Are Highly Transferrable 

As was already discussed, recruiters love changing things up. 

And while many recruiters stick around the pace for decades, others love exploring different careers paths. 

Fortunately, finding success as a recruiter requires many transferrable skills that will take you far as a professional in almost every sector. 

Here’s a list of viable professional traits you’ll learn in your recruiting role: 

●     Interpersonal communication

●     Negotiation

●     Influencing

●     Management

●     Evaluation and judgment

●     Networking 

No matter the industry you transition to from recruiting, the above skills will serve you well when/if you take the leap. 

What’s more, you generally establish connections across multiple industries as a recruiter, giving you an immediate foot in the door. Plus, you garner expertise in what employers want, giving you a leg up against other candidates. 

Why is RHM Staffing Solutions the Place to Start Your Career in Recruiting? 

Do you want to work somewhere that celebrates accomplishments and rewards hard work? 

If so, then being a recruiter at RHM Staffing Solutions makes for a perfect fit. 

As was discussed in this blog, you’ll have the opportunity to skyrocket up the ranks with us based on how you perform. Our average team member quickly enjoys their first promotion, typically after one year. 

Our training program is world-class, fine-tuning your skillset to get started on the right foot. Plus, our lessons will benefit you throughout your entire career, whether in recruiting or somewhere else. 

And our team is highly supportive. We lift one another up and love helping our colleagues thrive. So, are you an ambitious, competitive, and energetic individual who enjoys a fast-paced work environment? Then submit your job application to become a recruiter with RHM Staffing Solutions today.