5 Jobs That Benefit From a Human Resources Degree

Human Resources Job Interview

Congratulations! You have graduated from your university of choice with a human resources degree in hand and a smile on your face. Now, you might be looking around at the job market with the question: what careers are out there? You might be surprised to learn that you have a rather expansive and promising field ahead. Here are some examples of great careers available to HR graduates.

#1: Compensation and Benefit Manager

The compensation and benefits manager is integral to any human resources department. The holder of this lengthy title is responsible for a wealth of knowledge regarding the employees of the company they serve. The hourly wage of an employee? You know it. The same applies to their annual salary. You are also responsible for creating and adjusting the pay and benefits structure for the staff.

Essentially, your human resources degree has you establishing how people get paid, what benefits their position allows, and how to keep these things competitive with rival offices.

#2: Labor Relations Manager

Another important role in human resources is the labor relations manager. This position involves the regulation of the contracts used to sign on employees. However, the labor relations manager also serves as a liaison between the administration and management of a company and the contracted labor. If there are grievances between the hires and the company, you mediate the conflict. Labor relations managers specialize in dealing with union workers rather than private contractors, so there will be other agencies you will need to negotiate with to fulfill these duties.

#3: Training and Development Specialist

This role requires you to effectively assess potential hires to your company and determine what they need to learn to fill their role. A training and development specialist, as the name implies, is responsible for using onboarding information to put together a training curriculum for new employees. You will also help design training materials like manuals to help train up new recruits and review existing materials for necessary updates. Those who hold the title of training and development specialist are a valuable asset to any company looking to bring their latest recruits up to snuff to ensure they can do their job.

#4: HR Consultant

Perhaps one of the more common options for those wielding a human resources degree, a human resources consultant is not actually a permanent hire. Instead, you would be contracted to aid a company’s human resources department to maximize its efficiency. If a company’s HR department is struggling with results, cost management, or even simply managing their data, you can help. While being a freelancer does come with its benefits, the fact that you are hired on a contractual basis means you are constantly hopping from contract to contract. It depends on whether you enjoy constant changes in scenery or not.

#5: Recruiter

Last but not least, recruiters are the sorts of professionals that benefit significantly from possession of a human resources degree. Recruiters specialize in helping companies find new hires when candidates are not readily available or apparent. We are living in one of those times right now.

You would be responsible for evaluating professionals who have retained your firm’s services and cross-referencing them with the needs of companies that have done the same. When a professional and a company align in terms of requirements, you will place the prospective employee in the establishment’s staff to see how well they mesh.

Recruiters enjoy a few freedoms and luxuries the previously listed positions do not. So, it can be an excellent option for those who prefer to operate from a remote location.

Help Us to Revolutionize Human Resources

Each of these positions benefits from the knowledge human resources education offers. Human resources require an understanding of both people and their skillsets, and each of these roles revolves around those aspects of hiring. If you want to put your HR training to use, consider contacting us at RHM Staffing Solutions and applying as one of our recruiters. Together, we can revolutionize the realm of human resources.