What our Nashville Staffing Agency Wants Job Seekers to Know About the 2nd Hottest Job Market in the US

Like other metro areas across the country, Nashville’s job market isn’t just booming, it’s the 2nd hottest job market in the nation. Our branch in Tennessee—one of the top Nashville staffing agencies—is in the middle of a job market that is blowing up. 

Like any hot market, there’s a lot of confusion. But, for job seekers and employers alike, our Nashville branch has a couple of reminders that can help everybody land the right job and recruit workers that are an excellent fit for the long term. 

Read on for some essential tips from our Nashville staffing agency on the front lines of a booming job market. 

What to Expect from Nashville’s Job Market 

The job market in our Nashville branch is moving quickly. That’s a great thing for all the businesses and people looking for help. That said, it can be tricky to keep track of what’s going on, so we’re setting the record straight about what’s happening in this hot Nashville job market. 

Nashville is growing. It has been for a long time. On average, about 56 people move to Nashville every day. So when the Wall Street Journal reported Nashville was the second hottest job market in the nation, our Business Journal chimed in with some ideas on why. Many believe existing businesses are expanding, while a booming tech industry is also credited for much of the growth.  

Like the top job market in Austin, Texas, Nashville is a state capital with a thriving music and food scene and a tech industry growing like crazy. The city has a culture and lifestyle attracting workers from all over. It’s made Nashville’s unemployment rate the lowest in the country, currently at 2.6%! 

Navigate the WFH/RTO shuffle 

Like it or not, many Nashville employers are calling their staff back to the office. While some Nashville workers are celebrating a return to the office and, presumably, normality, others are taking a hard pass. Of course, there are a lot of people in the middle who want a hybrid setup. 

Take it from us – everybody works differently. There is no singular solution to the current WFH/RTO shuffle. But working with our Nashville staffing agency is the best place to start. We’ve been helping employers and job seekers find the employees and job openings that are right for them.  

There are plenty of opportunities for job seekers. And there is no lack of job seekers for employers (more on that later). As one of the leading Nashville staffing agencies, we can assure you that finding the worker or the job that’s right for you is only a matter of working with a trusted agency like RHM. RHM is an expert at cutting through the hype and establishing connections that can stand the test of time.  

Keep Your Cool in a Hot Market: Remember What’s Right for You and Stick to It 

It might be hard to keep perspective during a market like this. Employers can be so hard up for qualified talent, they would settle for anyone who will accept an offer. But this can have disastrous consequences for a variety of reasons. 

Just a brief reminder: even though the market is booming, and it seems like there aren’t enough job seekers, you still have a business to run. It’s okay to be picky. The “right” person is out there somewhere. You’re looking for job seekers who have their ducks in a row, who’ve thoroughly researched your company and the position, and who are absolutely enthusiastic about the job and what they can bring to your company. 

For job seekers, here’s the part where you have to do your homework. You need to make sure that you are seriously interested in the job. And before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you’ve discussed things like pay rates and benefits, so you won’t be surprised down the road. 

The Biggest Challenge is Finding Job Seekers With the Right Skills 

In this job market, many employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified job seekers. But the reality is that there are more job seekers than ever before. And plenty of them are highly qualified. So, what gives? 

Employers in this market are just dealing with new challenges they might not know how to handle on their own. For starters, job seekers are skittish. They’re feeling their self-worth more than ever after the pandemic. Their priorities have shifted. They’re not just looking for work; they’re looking for better work. And many employers have been slow to catch up to what they’re looking for. 

Job Seekers and Employers Alike Should Work with RHM, The Top Nashville Staffing Agency  

This job market is a reason to celebrate. Nashville is doing great! All we have to do is make the right connections, and there’s no telling what we can accomplish together.  

True, there’s more competition now than in the past. But if you’re looking to go somewhere new, whether that’s growing your business or shifting into a new career, our Nashville staffing agency can take you there. Contact RHM staffing in Nashville today.