The Causes of Recruiter Burnout (and How to Avoid It)

Recruiter Burnout Blog Graphic: Photo of a man wearing a suit, sitting at a table. His posture is slumped and he looks distressed.

Everybody feels overwhelmed or anxious at work on occasion, but burnout is a much more concerning problem. Unfortunately, burnout is a problem afflicting far too many professionals in this country. It doesn’t get as much recognition as it should and can afflict just about any profession. Recruitment professionals who are buried in their work and work long hours are no exception.

By better understanding recruiter burnout and its top causes, we can take the first step in combating it.

Don’t Neglect Your Personal Life

One of the biggest drivers of recruiter burnout involves an employee’s ability, or lack thereof, to maintain a healthy distinction between their professional and personal lives. It is expected that a recruiter will be dedicated to their work when they are on the clock and will be working to fulfill their job to the letter. However, no matter how crucial a recruiter is to the team, they will have personal lives and issues to attend to that aren’t accounted for in the company charter.

Offer employees the time they need to attend to their personal lives. Don’t expect them to work beyond their stated hours or perform tasks beyond what was outlined in their contract. If employees feel that their life skews too heavily in the direction of work, with barely any time for personal affairs, they will quickly lose motivation to carry on with their job.

The Pay Should Correspond With the Work

Every firm wants employees who regularly go beyond expectations to bring that extra level of productivity to the company. Of course, not everyone has that drive. So, when you do find an individual willing to go above and beyond, it is crucial to recognize it. One of the most effective ways to reward an excellent work ethic is offering financial compensation that matches the effort being put in.

Offer bonuses or even higher salaries that allow the recruiter to enjoy a higher quality of life. With such compensation, your recruiters will not find themselves “swimming upstream” when faced with too much work for not enough reward.

Flexibility Is Key

Working conditions are far more flexible now than they were even three years ago. While the circumstances responsible for this adaptation were less than ideal, it has opened up new opportunities for professionals across the country. Offer flexibility in working conditions. As a result, your employees will be less likely to feel constrained and burn out.

Flexibility in working hours, offering remote work opportunities, or simply making the office environment a little more adaptable to the needs of the employees are excellent methods for combating recruiter burnout.

Put Out the Flames of Recruiter Burnout

Recruiters provide an invaluable service to companies across the country, and we at RHM Staffing Solutions are proud to be one of the leading firms. However, our service can only be rendered with the assistance of our staff, and we recognize just how valuable they are. That is why we strive to the utmost to provide a work environment conducive to the needs of our recruiters.

If you feel that your place with your employer is not providing the respect you deserve, it very well might be time for a significant change. So, if you’re interested in making a change, please consider contacting us to see if you’re a good fit for our many open positions.