R&D Recruitment: 5 Things You Need to Know

Three people standing at a table discussing an electronic device they are creating.

Research and development is the backbone of innovation in a world run by commerce. Finding “the next big thing” with R&D recruitment is a massive accomplishment for the company that figures out how to revolutionize a product. But, to be that company, you need to maintain an assortment of skilled professionals who can help bring new ideas to the table and execute their creation.

Finding ways to stock your team with these revolutionaries can be complex, as the number of professionals with the skills and imagination you need is shrinking. In addition, you will need to compete with other companies looking to poach the best talent and, if you want to beat them, you will need to reconsider the traditional hiring approach.

Tip #1: Look for Professionals with Interests in Your Field

R&D departments require specialists who will take your products in a new direction to help bring your company ahead of the competition. It’s essential to find candidates who are a good fit for your company’s goals, products, and services. So, if you manufacture medical equipment, you will not have a lot of luck with an R&D specialist whose primary interest is cell phones. When searching for your next R&D recruit, try to ascertain their life goals for their career. If they are looking for a job regarding the types of products you manufacture, you likely have a great match. On the other hand, if their interests differ radically, you might want to move to the next candidate.

Tip #2: Do Not Take Too Long

Recruitment has evolved immeasurably in recent years. Yet, many companies have kept the same recruiting processes that are often bogged down with unnecessary steps, prolonging a successful hire. As a result, companies leave candidates waiting and wondering, with some never even hearing back at all. Rather than letting them sweat, schedule secondary interviews with ideal candidates ASAP. And instead of letting those you are not interested in wonder, let them know that they are not a good fit and how they can improve.

Tip #3: Seek Out Imaginative Candidates

The last thing you want in an R&D lab is someone with no vision or creativity. This trait can be difficult to assess, especially since most recruitment practices are impersonal and remote. However, there are ways you can pursue this information during the interview process, simply by including a few creative tests. Pose hypotheticals, ask them to describe how they would improve on a product or something similar, and gauge their response. You want someone with imagination and creativity to produce a product unlike any other.

Tip #4: Do Not Limit the Search

There is qualified talent across the country if you know what to look for. However, a big mistake most companies make is trying to recruit locally exclusively. Local recruitment might seem like the obvious choice, but it can cost you the perfect candidate who might live across state borders. Rather than run the risk, expand the search to include nearby states. Then, you might find your dream employee in someone who will happily relocate to do what they love.

Tip #5: Recruitment Firms are Not the Enemy

Too many companies believe that contracting third-party recruitment firms is a bad thing. Hunting for new employees with internal resources is a time-consuming process that might cost you money for no reason, as you rely on job listings that you pay for until you can take them down. Recruitment firms will seek professionals on your behalf, looking for the qualities and qualifications you require. Recruitment firms also have access to a larger talent pool and will coordinate with your particular needs. Therefore, the odds are better when using a recruitment firm than solely relying on your internal R&D recruitment efforts.

How RHM Staffing Solutions Offers R&D Recruitment

Adapting to the new world we live in and to the evolving standards of professionals is a crucial aspect of successful R&D recruitment. However, you do not have to do it alone. Our team at RHM Staffing Solutions has made it our mission to seek out qualified professionals for any number of positions across a wide array of fields. So, if your hunt for new talent is going slowly, contact RHM Staffing Solutions and let us revolutionize your hiring standards.