4 Tips to Ensure That Your Next Hire is a Good Fit

Interviewing Potential Employee

Good help can be remarkably hard to find, especially in a day and age in which the professional world is still reeling from massive changes. So, in a world where virtual interaction is becoming the new norm, finding out whether a prospective hire is a good choice can be a more complicated endeavor than it would otherwise be. To that end, finding inventive ways to vet applicants has become an essential practice.

There are some ways to check to see how a prospective hire might fit with the overall goals of the company that are better than others; however, not everyone can be measured on the same scale.

Here are four tips you can use to vet your next hire to ensure that they’ll work well with your company.

Tip #1: Check Their History

A common mistake companies make when hiring is that they attempt to fill positions as quickly as possible without accounting for the candidate’s professional history. Checking history allows you to gain a degree of insight into the reliability of a potential employee by seeing just how long they tend to hold onto a job. If a prospective hire’s background shows them regularly bouncing from job to job without finding roots, it can be reasoned that they are not the sort of hire that is in it for the long-term.

Alternatively, suppose they have a history that shows them having stayed at a particular job for an extended period of time, with only minimal times of unemployment. In that case, it can be inferred that they are a sustainable long-term employee. However, this is not a foolproof method for ascertaining the viability of a potential employee since everyone’s situation is different.

Tip #2: Check Their Qualifications

Every employer has requirements before a potential employee will be considered for hire. To determine the viability of an applicant, employers tend to check the applicant’s qualifications. These can range from one’s education to their previous work experience, earned certifications, and more. However, additional qualifiers should also be investigated depending on the sort of work your firm offers.

Many careers, especially those involving engineering or computer science, have supplementary programs that enhance the applicant’s knowledge. If an applicant has certifications relating to the job listing they are applying for, they become a more appealing and more viable option for the position.

Tip #3: Engage with Them

Too many companies believe in a hands-off approach to hiring, expecting an applicant to try for the position, answering a few questions, and then approving or denying them. However, this is a massive mistake as having minimal interaction with the applicant can cause you to miss out on essential details about what might make them a valuable addition to the team – or disqualify them. By speaking directly to the candidate and getting a more personal insight into their character, you can determine how they fit within the company’s goals.

Interacting with an applicant lets you better understand their goals and ambitions as well as their emotional stance. This information can be crucial to determining how viable they can be for long-term employment or if they risk burning out due to incompatibilities with who they are and what kind of employee you need.

Tip #4: Evaluate Them

The most crucial detail about a hire’s efficacy depends on them knowing what they are doing. To this end, many employers have begun including assessment tests in the application process to assess the candidate’s ability to perform job-related tasks. This also allows you to see how well they understand the material you will need them to handle and how they go about completing tasks.

This can be an excellent method for seeing how well a hire might do within your company and determine if they will be capable of meeting the goals the position requires.

Wrapping Up

Finding skilled employees who are more likely to remain in the position long-term can be extremely difficult. When finding the people with those skills proves to be more difficult than expected, it is reasonable to seek outside help in finding the professional talent you need. We at RHM have made it our mission to find the qualified talent you need for long-term hires and put them in positions for all sorts of positions relating to engineering, science, and more. So, contact us today so we deliver you hiring solutions that work.