Top Skills Perfect for the Recruiting and Staffing Industry

Top Skills Perfect for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

Being a recruiter can be fun; you learn about people’s lives, have the thrill of competing for the placement, feel humbled when that candidate thanks you for changing their lives, and of course, the fun work culture you’re placed into.  

However, recruiting isn’t for everyone. It takes a unique blend to make a good recruiter — you need the persistence of sales while at the same time having the ability to develop relationships. Time management, organization, technological capability with recruiting software, and communication skills are also needed.  

What about you? Do you have what it takes? 

What DYou Know About Personal Branding? Marketing? 

Hi, I’m Joe Schmoe. You may recognize me from my engaging postings on LinkedIn. Or maybe you recognize my face from the last networking event you attended where I spoke about candidate sourcing. Perhaps you recognize my face from an ad that popped up on your web browser looking for financial candidates.  

For those that excel at recruiting, they put themselves everywhere they can be seen to attract more candidates. Now, this certainly must be handled with care, and this is where the marketing aspect comes in to play. In order to brand yourself well, follow these guidelines:  

  • Have a robust online presence – When someone searches for you, what comes up? 
  • Have a professional profile picture – It doesn’t have to be expensive (solid background, dress nice, you can use your phone), but make sure you look like someone that people can trust.  
  • Become an expert within your industry – Show the candidate you know what you’re talking about.  
  • Engage your audience within social networks – Stay relevant and post on topics your audience wants to hear.  
  • Network, Network, Network – You never know who will be perfect for your next role 

If you want to be successful, be confident, sell YOUR brand, and watch the candidates roll in.  

Get Up and Get Down; Can you Handle the Hustle?  

Sales, that’s what we’re talking about. Do you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Of course, you do — the hare loses the race due to the tortoise’s persistence in staying the course. That’s exactly what good recruiters require in order to be successful. The ability to keep pushing even when things aren’t necessarily going your way.  

Have you ever been ghosted before? It doesn’t feel great, but that doesn’t mean you stop what you’re doing and give up. Turn the page and move on to the next candidate! Having that sales mentality of persistence will deliver more candidates to your inbox.  

At the end of the day, regardless of name recognition, whoever has the best candidate will get the placement. 

Do you Have What it Takes to Build an Empire? 

For those familiar with Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister is probably not the best person to sit on the Iron Throne and build an empireI’m pretty sure we can all agree to that. If not her, then who? You? Do you have what it takes to build relationships, develop trust, and lead people by your integrity?  

So far, we’ve touched branding and sales, but the most important aspect of being a recruiter lies in relationship building.  

Not every qualified candidate is going to fly into your office window and be willing to be placed anywhere. The more likely scenario is you’ve developed relationships with people over the months or years, they trust you to find them the best available job, they call you, or you call them about a position, and you work with them to place them into a role.  

Developing relationships takes time, but you must begin on day 1.  

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