Three Ways to Show Your Employees You Care in 2021

Caring work environment

Go back even twenty or thirty years, and you’ll find yourself in a world where blind loyalty was expected from workplace talent and not earned by the leadership. 

The above statement isn’t meant to say all of that era’s employers walked around crushing employee morale with an iron fist. However, things like staff well-being weren’t necessarily at the top of anyone’s priorities list. What mattered was being productive and getting the job done by any means necessary. 

In recent times, even before COVID-19, mental health was gaining traction as a central talking point in the social consciousness. As such, the 2010s saw a drastic shift in employee-employer relations. 

Now, in 2021, as the pandemic has run rampant in our society, it’s become even more integral to prioritize employee well-being. An essential part of this philosophy is making your people feel supported and valued. 

Read below, as we highlight a few fun and creative examples of how you can show your employees you care in 2021:

Foster a Positive Call-Out Culture

As a leader, you should be on the prowl like a jungle cat—but not to whip people into shape. Instead, you should be sniffing the air for one of your people’s latest accomplishments. When times are tough, people need to hear their contributions are making a positive impact. 

Of course, you could shout people out on the spot through chat or email—or you can make it a ritual: 

Whether through Zoom-calls or on a work-based chat, try scheduling a fixed time where you celebrate individual wins during team-based encounters. Throw in a bit of a happy hour element, and you’ll open up further opportunities for some priceless team bonding. After all, when your team gets closer, they tend to support one another—making your job easier.

Get People Moving

Calling sitting the new smoking is a bit of an overstatement. Still, spending too much time crouched in front of a computer screen isn’t healthy for anybody. Not only can it lead to many physical ailments, but it also muddies up one’s thought processes. 

As such, inactivity will directly hinder the well-being of your employees. Watching out for your teams’ best interest means ensuring they’re taking care of their minds and bodies. 

This could mean hiring someone who offers online coaching for yoga, calisthenics, or whatever else can help with bodily health and mindfulness. 

Or, depending on the makeup of your team, you can run fun fitness challenges (e.g., who can do the most push-ups at lunchtime). Of course, you want to be inclusive, so modify to keep everyone feeling involved. 

Leveraging Top-Tier Communication Technology

The quality of your technology can dictate how connected your employees feel to both their work and their colleagues. 

Right now, as people are stuck at home, there’s a high risk for employee isolation. Therefore, leaders need to reach out to their people with inspiring messages that reinforce their mission and vision.

Don’t make these communications ad hoc. Instead, leverage the right technology to make such communications strategic and insightful. Some organizations have software that allows them to run weekly podcasts to “rally the troops.” At the same time, their talent can react and respond to the content.

The above example keeps everyone engaged and fosters positive culture. It also proves to your people that you care enough to continually produce helpful content.

After a difficult 2020 for everyone, it’s time to help your team get back on track by providing them with a robust support system.

But you can make it easier to support your team by bringing passionate and inspiring talent on board. 

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