Now is the Perfect Time To Start A Career in Staffing and Recruiting – Here’s Why

Now is the Perfect Time to Start a Career in Staffing and Recruiting - Here's Why

Have you ever been drawn to owning your own business but don’t have the capital to create one? Perhaps you have the entrepreneurial drive of starting a business but aren’t ready to take the leap of faith. Have you ever thought about recruiting? 

Recruiting opens the door for your entrepreneurial spirit to thrive and there’s no better time than now to join the industry 

Own Your Tomorrow 

As a recruiter, you essentially run your own business, building a large network of talent to make as many placements as you can. The more quality candidates you connect with, the more likely you’ll be able to place them into positions. The more candidates you place, the more profit you make.  

The way it works is a company will hire a recruiting firm to fill a position for themThe firm then hands it off to one of their recruiters to find the right candidateRecruiters then source a group of candidates for the client to choose from. Recruiters have many tools at their disposal to move them through the search process 

  • Applicant Tracking Systems 
  • Referrals 
  • Networking Events 
  • Phone Calls/Emails/Texts 
  • Career Fairs 
  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Utilizing these tools and tactics efficiently is a skill set that good recruiters polish while they learn the process. Once streamlined, the recruiter then begins to develop and maintain relationships with candidates for future placements. The more quality candidates you meet, the higher your ceiling will be to make connections to fill the positions that come your way 

Employers Need Help 

As far as the market goes, there’s no better time than now to be a recruiter. Although many people worry that the record low unemployment makes recruiters’ jobs harder, that isn’t necessarily true Think about it; with the unemployment level as low as it is, hiring managers at companies are having a challenging time placing candidates. Who do they call? A recruiting firm.  

Recruiting firms know the professional industry and the available talent pool inside and out. Not every hiring manager is going to have the resources, let alone the time to be able to reach the same number of candidates that a recruiter canIf you’re up to the task, there’s plenty of opportunities to be had.  

Learn a Specific Industry 

Do you have a passion for a profession but never got the chance to go to school for it? Recruiting as a great way to enter into industries you’re passionate about. For instance, if you’re recruiting for a civil engineer position, engineering will become an industry you will learn a lot about.  

To recruit someone, you need to know what their skill set is. For a civil engineer, they need to understand conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling. As an industry recruiter, you’ll also need an understanding of these concepts to vet the candidates you find. Not to the same extent of the engineer, but enough so you’ll understand who is qualified and who is not.  

Another opportunity to learn more exists with networking events. Many times, professional networking events are combined with educational opportunities. Tapping into this knowledge will give you a step ahead of the competition by being able to differentiate between candidates.  

RHM Staffing Solutions 

Are you looking to step into a new career where you can thrive, grow and find success from day one? At RHM, we have a world-class training program that will polish your existing skill set and prepare you to hit the ground running.  

The perfect time is now. Contact RHM today.