Here’s How You Know It’s Time to Partner With a Staffing Firm

Working with a staffing firm

Deciding to outsource anything should come with a degree of scrutiny. Any business leader knows the importance of keeping spending lean. Provided you can efficiently – and proficiently – do something yourself, there’s no reason to pay someone else to do it.

In the above paragraph, there are two critical words: “efficiently” and “proficiently.” 

For instance, when it comes to staffing your organization, the resources and time aren’t always available to do so efficiently or proficiently. The talent you bring on can make all the difference in the world, and you want to give the process the love it needs. Provided your days are already spread thin, successful recruiting strategies and execution are almost impossible in today’s fast-paced climate. 

Given the importance of making impactful hires, a staffing firm – such as RHM – presents an ideal solution for organizations seeking top talent. Read below as this blog delves further into this notion:

Are You Seeking the Best Available Person for the Job?

There’s a world of difference between volume hiring and filling a pivotal role within your company. Now, bringing on mass amounts of staff at a grocery store or retail mart deserves its own blog. But this section will focus on the quality-over-quantity approach.

Searching for people with expert skillsets is tricky work. Beyond that, with demanding and impactful roles, you’re seeking a particular type of talent. There’s nothing wrong with being nitpicky, given the effect this person will have on your business. Such individuals require a blend of technical expertise (e.g., programming) and soft skills, such as leadership and interpersonal abilities.

A staffing firm dedicates its entire existence to finding these difference-makers. The recruiting processes in these agencies are fine-tuned into a science. Meaning they’ll ensure you’re only picking from the cream of the candidate crop. 

Do You Need Access to a Wider Pool of Candidates?

This section circles back around to specificity. Candidates with the unique skillsets many businesses desire become rare unicorns. For one, the best available people are already employed, and those looking for new opportunities play things close to the vest.

Crucial roles in your company require standout candidates. And what makes these people stand out is that they aren’t easy to come by. Like everything in this world, it all becomes a numbers game. The more access you have to relevant job-hunters whose resumes line up for the position, the likelier you are to find your next needle-mover. 

A staffing firm like RHM has mastered the relevant networks in your space. They know how to knock down boundaries and make connections with loads of suitable, high-performing talent. 

You Need Help with Onboarding

Right now, with the pandemic still around, the onboarding process has become more complicated and murky.

Given the importance and uniqueness of roles in many organizations, the onboarding process is absolutely vital. You need these crucial new acquisitions to get started on the right foot, even if the COVID landscape has made it more difficult to onboard successfully

Given these challenges, working with a staffing partner to ensure the onboarding process’s seamlessness can pay huge dividends. When this hiring component is handled correctly, it leads to 54% more productivity from new employees.

You Work in a Niche or Highly Specialized Industry

Staffing needs for industries such as environmental, science, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, etc., require niche skill sets. This makes finding the right fit for a role in your company that much more challenging. The specialist nature of your industry requires you to work alongside a partner that specializes in staffing in your space. At RHM Staffing Solutions, we provide all the benefits discussed throughout this blog to provide an optimal hiring solution. Contact us today to find out more!