Changing Jobs – Why Becoming a Recruiter Might Be the Best Decision for You

Why Becoming a Recruiter Might Be the Best Decision for You

Entering any new job arena can feel a little daunting. The great part about joining a recruiting/staffing firm is that stress and nerves go right out the door on your first day. Recruiting is a business where people from all backgrounds come together for the joint purpose of helping companies build strong teams. It’s your job to use your self-driven, entrepreneurial attitude to seek out and place candidates for these companies.

Recruiting isn’t for everyone. Some people may not like the flexibility in schedule, the self-reliance it takes to be successful, or the high-energy, collaborative environment that makes up most recruiting work atmospheres — others thrive in it.

Recruiting isn’t easy. It takes the right person to gain an understanding of how recruiting works; you need to study labor markets, understand talent pools, work with recruiting software to stay organized and build an online persona that breathes trustworthiness — because you have the ability to change people’s lives.

The Art of Hiring

When it comes to hiring, all you must do is match experience with the job requirements and call it a day. Now, if recruiting was that easy, artificial intelligence would hire everybody, and we know, no one wants that.

Let’s hop into a real-world example of how recruiting works and see what it’s all about.

Position – There’s a company wanting to fill a role in engineering, a Mechanical Engineer

Background – Unemployment is low, it’s a candidate-driven market meaning companies are scraping at the barrel to find talent. On top of that, engineers are some of the most sought-after candidates of any profession.

And, Action!

You pull up your recruiting software, pull the candidates that fit that role, shoot them over to the company, and you move on to the next client. Done.

Only problem is, the company rejected (animatedly) your choices and now everyone’s back at square one, AND you just lost a week’s worth of time to fill this position. Time to kick it into high gear!

This time you focus on studying the job requirements and build an ideal candidate persona. Next, you pull up your recruitment software and begin comparing your candidate persona with potential candidates. Then you hit the social networks and send out a message for interest. You speak with current employees and other contacts for referrals. Through this process, you’ve gathered five candidates that not only fit the role, but they also don’t need relocation packages, have the latest software development certifications, and management experience.

You hear back a week later, and they have chosen one of your candidates. Congratulations!


Successful staffing firms are built on collaboration. In order to achieve effective collaboration, the environment must exude openness and a welcoming atmosphere. To accomplish this, companies will incorporate perks like large incentives for the top performers in the office, relaxation rooms, TVs that encompass an open space for employees to hang out, or flexible schedules.

Reap What You Sow

At the same time you’re enjoying all the benefits as a recruiter, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. Spending time focused on sourcing, developing and maintaining relationships, and learning the craft of recruiting candidates will make you successful. With experience, the sky’s the limit for where you can find success and growth.

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