6 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Their Jobs

Creating a positive work environment

Differences between jobs that pay the bills and careers that fulfill can be written about for eons. One path is filled with clockwatching and teeth-gritting, whereas the other is synonymous with personal growth and development.

For those of you considering (or reconsidering) a career move, we wanted to provide an honest, comprehensive glimpse into life as a recruiter in just a few hundred words (we know you’re busy). Recruiting is a proven, rewarding avenue for many ambitious people teeming with leadership and network-building opportunities.

But what do recruiters find most rewarding about their careers? Read below to find out a few of the insights we’ve gleaned.

1.       There’s Genuine Meaning in What You Do.

Frequently, in other jobs, you’ll start feeling like another cog in the machine or a hamster running on a wheel. Even when you’re rising up the ranks in some roles, there’s often a sense of meaninglessness in specific industries. Really, what does it mean, cosmically, to be the CEO at a box factory?

Conversely, in the recruitment field, you’re directly changing people’s lives. The entire purpose is to find talented individuals and give them opportunities to flourish. Usually, you’re offering them more pay and responsibilities than they’ve ever had before.

2.       You’re a Uniting Force

Careers and ambition go hand-in-hand.

Unfortunately, some workplaces encourage disruptive and destructive behavior wherein you’re encouraged to crush the competition.

Not that there isn’t anything wrong with some healthy industry rivalries.

All the same, the business world can be cutthroat, and some people act based on the premise that their success relies upon others’ failures. Or they just don’t care if they knock people over on their way to the top.

With recruitment, you get to avoid that negativity. There’s an inherent positivity about what recruiters do because they bring people together and improve lives as a result.

Moreover, the connections you cultivate have the potential to help both companies and recruited employees flourish more than ever.  

3.       Your Duties Are Always Exciting and Fresh

Stagnation is a risk in many careers.

Many jobs have you develop your expertise to the point that everything is a little too automatic and predictable. This is conducive to performing duties in cruise control. With this comes a sense that all career momentum’s been lost, especially when there’s no sign of upward trajectory.

With recruiting, the opposite rings true.

Every day presents a new problem to solve. The roles, people, companies, and deadlines all vary by the day.

This unpredictability keeps you on your toes, highly engaged and excited about your work. Furthermore, you won’t find yourself without the chance to move up in the recruitment world.

4.       You’re Highly Sought After by Candidates

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than being the belle of the ball.

More specifically, you’ll likely find yourself the recipient of enticing CVs in your recruiting role. These might tell you an entertaining and captivating story that you’re bound to find interesting.

Beyond that, it’s not uncommon for candidates to send those CVs written on chocolate bars, cookies, and we’d like to believe ice cream cake 

Being wanted is one thing, and definitely triggers positive feelings. However, appreciation for your work kicks those warm feelings up several notches. When candidates reach out to thank their recruiters, it really cements the role’s value and purpose in the professional world.

5.       Your Network is Diverse

Clients, candidates, and coworkers present a smorgasbord of personalities, skill types, disciplines, understandings, perspectives, and philosophies 

Working amongst such a diverse network of people means you’ll become more well-rounded as a thinker and problem-solver.

This is because diversity doesn’t merely extend to age, gender, and race. It’s also reflected ideas, which you’ll learn from and continue to evolve as a person and professional.

6.       You Have Direct Goals.

Sometimes, when your objectives are more abstract, it’s natural to lose sight of the big picture and feel lost in the shuffle.

It’s a tremendous help for many professionals to directly see their progress. And when you’re a recruiter, goals are laid out in front of you as targets you need to hit.

Real-time status and metrics are a tremendous motivational source that helps coax your forward momentum.

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