5 (Real) Reasons You’ve Always Wanted to Be a Recruiter

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The last few months have been extremely challenging for most of us, both personally and professionally. Besides trying (and failing) to pace ourselves through all of Netflix’s content, or convincing ourselves we’re not crazy for watching full-length sports games from 2013, many have been battling through a difficult job market.

We have good news for you, though. RHM Staffing Solutions is actively hiring recruiters. And we’re about to shed some light on why a career as a recruiter is that eureka moment you’ve been waiting for. Read more below to see why (no need to change out of your sweatpants).

1.)   Own Your Days

Tired of mindlessly slogging through a list of predetermined tasks set by a checked-out manager? We would be, too.

As a recruiter, you have limitless freedom to be the master of your own day. You essentially run your own business, building a large network of talent to make as many candidate placements as you can. While there will always be more senior, experienced recruiters after whom you’ll want to model your behavior, it’s ultimately up to you how you tackle each day.

Adapt, innovate, hustle, start early, end late, pick your own tools; it’s up to you.

2.)   Change Lives

We know this may seem like a grabby headline and a lofty claim, but it couldn’t be more true. As a recruiter, you exist to help real people find their dream job and to help real companies provide better services. And you watch it play out in real-time day in and day out.

This isn’t the used car business. You aren’t peddling a product you’ve never seen and will never see someone use. You make real, substantial, human impacts on the lives of people and their families. What feels better than that?

3.)   Limitless Potential

Again, grabby headline, but, again, also true. At its core, recruiting is sales. There isn’t a cap on how well you can do, or how much you can make. If you’re ambitious, hard-working, determined, and competitive, recruiting is a field that rewards all of those traits. You can have an extremely high earning potential, all while making a drastic impact on people’s lives.

If you feel like your head has been brushing against the ceiling at your current job, or that your work isn’t as meaningful as you’d hoped it would be, working as a recruiter solves those problems tenfold.

4.)   No Two Days Are the Same

We’ve all worked that job where we know exactly what to expect today, tomorrow, next week, and could effectively coast through each day on even the most unrefined versions of our autopiloting systems. It’s not a good feeling.

As a recruiter, you enjoy an incredible amount of variety every day of the week. Whether it’s your first interview with a new, exciting candidate, locking up a job order from a leading organization, taking a past candidate out for lunch to see where they want to go next, or (the best part) calling a candidate you’ve been working with to share the good news that they can expect an offer letter in their inbox shortly, you’re never repeating the same day twice.

You’ll need to sharpen your organizational skills to manage all the mayhem, of course. But it’s beautiful mayhem, and, again, it’s all up to you how you chose to manage it.

5.)   Teamwork & Relationships

While recruiting will always inherently be sales like, the tight labor market has encouraged a sort of collaboration that is typically unusual in other sales environments where colleagues are pitted against each other in competition. Recruiting has evolved to inject more levels of collaboration. Expect some part of each day spent collaborating with other recruiters on your team, sharing networks, contacts, leads and other helpful information to help overcome modern hiring challenges.

Throughout your recruiting career, you’ll develop countless meaningful relationships with not only the people you work with but the people you’ve helped along the way. You carry those with you for a lifetime.

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