4 Critical Retention Tips for 2021

Even before the complete whirlwind of the pandemic, there were major changes in the relationship between employee and employer that were developing—2020, among other things, exacerbated and expedited those changes.

Where before employers had to cater little to their employees outside of consistent compensation, keeping top-performing employees requires a little bit more intention and a lot more innovation. 

Traditionally, workers prioritized the value of tenure with their organization and maintained a more long-term perspective on their working relationship.

Today, the moment a millennial talent feels off-put, they’re looking for more work. The new generation of professionals is keen to job hop, making retention a never-ending challenge for businesses. 

Therefore, the approach to retaining employees necessitates a change in perspective. Employee satisfaction and fulfillment need to be prioritized. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a revolving door of talent and ongoing turnover costs. 

Improve this facet of your business by reading the following four tips to retain employees in 2021:

1.       Focus on Professional Development 

Today’s employees don’t want to stay in the same position. Once it seems they’re trapped in a role and that a glass ceiling exists, your talent will be out the door faster than you say, “entry-level.”

Whereas 94% of surveyed employees claim that they stick with companies interested in their development. Internal training opportunities prove to your workforce that you’re invested in their growth as professionals. 

Your talent won’t feel stuck when you make these efforts. They also won’t feel the urge to start looking elsewhere for work. Furthermore, you’ll move people up the ranks with a firmer grasp of your company culture and processes, making it a more seamless transition.

Remember, too, that these programs can’t be cobbled together. They require rigorous planning, and you should consult with experts on how to construct a professional development course.

2.       Managers Must be Coached to Be Employee Friendly

Executive leadership might be the kindliest, employee loving people in the world. Unfortunately, with managers who play favorites or micromanage, your best intentions all go to waste. 

Talk with your employees candidly about what they feel makes a good manager. Of course, that doesn’t mean throwing middle-tiered leadership under the bus. Use your better judgment to ensure your employees feel their team leads are making them feel appreciated, engaged, and free to grow.

3.       Focus on Excellent Onboarding Processes 

Onboarding is something that many companies think they do, but only in a haphazard sense.

Correctly executing your onboarding process means maximizing new-job excitement and knocking down roadblocks. Go beyond the paperwork and consider other psychological factors. 

You require a more formal onboarding process for the purposes of employee retention. Otherwise, they might get discouraged and end up quitting before they’ve wet their feet.

4.       Hiring the Most Ideal Candidates, to Begin With

The above tips are all universally useful when it comes to retaining your talent. However, you’ll continue to run into retention issues without the correct people in the right roles. 

You need ambitious and intelligent people working for you – those with the ability to see the big picture and who’ll help you flourish for generations to come.

Recruiting those talented individuals often means looking in the right place. This notion brings us to RHM Staffing Solutions. We have access to a diverse talent pool with candidates that make you excited. Contact us today to find out more.