Three Tips For a Successful Start to Your Recruiting Career (From Successful Recruiters)

Working as a recruiter

Have you been mulling over a career in recruiting?

This blog – first and foremost – is here to tell you that you’re contemplating an exciting career with a high ceiling. Hopefully, this provides a helpful nudge toward you embarking on the recruitment path.

Another equally pressing order of business is to help you get started on the right track. Yes, recruiting is a highly lucrative business for individuals who carve their niche. But getting the proverbial ball rolling brings with it a long list of challenges. After all, nothing worth your time will ever come quickly or without forming the correct habits.

Moreover, hitting the ground running with your career means learning how successful recruiters earned their keep on this thriving scene. This brings this blog to the valuable tips discussed below.

Find Your Voice

Attracting passive recruits requires your ability to market yourself and communicate with them.

Of course, there are a million scripts and templates you can work from. These can all provide a helpful framework—but can’t be the be-all-end-all of your approach. 

The same goes for automated software. These tools are invaluable for streamlining your tasks—but you can’t blindly press buttons. Then you’ll seem like a robot.

Take those scripts and templates and make them your own. At first, they’ll first give you the necessary structure—then you must add your own personal nuances that foster authentic connections. No matter the recruitment process stage, leads will ignore copied, pasted, or mechanical messaging. 

Note that by making small efforts such as referring to details on someone’s cover letter or resume, you’ll seem more authentic to potential recruits.

Make Your Calendar Your Best Friend

Starting with serious momentum as a recruiter will rely significantly upon your ability to remain organized. Being ad hoc about your days – even if they’re a bit slower to start with – can land you in productivity quicksand. 

Your day-to-day tasks, interviews, meetings, and phone-calls should all be entered into a strict calendar that keeps you focused. 

Then there’s the matter of physically checking off a task. Performing this basic – but meaningful – action actually gives you a high, releasing dopamine to your brain. This motivates you to keep the ball rolling and accomplish more during a workday. 

You should section off particular times on your calendar for specific tasks. Doing this with your calendar will enhance your efficiency and keep you centered.

Contemplate your biorhythms as well when etching out your calendar. Provided you’re a morning person, use that time for sourcing tasks. Conversely, late starters should source after a short meeting.

Don’t be afraid to adjust, either. Test what works best for you to hone your own calendar-based system. 

Many industry professionals rely on software – such as todoistto organize their daily checklists.

Technology is Your Greatest Tool–Use it

Do you want to begin your career with a competitive advantage? Then give yourself some metaphorical rocket fuel by leveraging the wealth of available recruiting technology that’s available on the market. 

Using these tools insightfully means you can pack more productivity in a day. What’s critical here is that you’ll work smarter instead of harder. 

Streamlining technologies that utilize AI exist for tracking, screening, and locating candidates. If you’re not using them, other recruiters are—and they’re getting their pick of the litter when finding top talent.

With this information, you’re probably feeling ready to take the recruiting world by storm. 

But there’s one more essential factor in thriving as a recruiter: starting your career with a company that will support your learning and development. Namely, by applying to be a part of the RHM team, your journey in this field is sure to start with a flourish.