The Recruiting World is Evolving: What’s in Store for the Future?

The Recruiting World is Evolving: What's in Store for the Future?

A career in recruiting has long been a desirable home for job seekers who relish a shot to compete in a fast-paced, results-driven field. While the alluring elements of recruiting that drive people towards pursuing this high-growth career have remained unchanged, new technology continues to emerge that has revamped how the day-to-day work is accomplished—and the helpful tech keeps on coming.

By the end of the third quarter of 2018, investments in recruiting technology nearly tripled compared to 2017. This means there are newer, more effective, and most importantly, faster methods available for recruiters to complete their staffing goals. Now more than ever, speed is king in the world of recruiting.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Poll of nearly ninety leaders of companies with at least $50 million in revenue revealed that 48% of CEO’s felt that their companies had lost money due to inefficient recruiting.  Whether filling roles faster or creating candidate experiences that are shorter, speed is key in ensuring that the ideal candidate is obtained, and you don’t lose money while making the decision. Many of these new time-saving methods revolve around the implementation of AI at varying levels of the recruitment process.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Resumes inflict an enormous amount of stress on job seekers. Whether it’s agonizing over which of the exhaustive list of responsibilities one had at their college work-study job to include, or scouring the drop-down menu for the perfect font which will certainly predict the rest of one’s life, resumes tend to take on their own gargantuan significance that can seem to outweigh even the importance of the person it represents.

Perhaps there would be less anguish involved if those laboring over their resume knew that the average recruiter spends only six seconds evaluating a particular applicant’s resume before moving on.

Seem fast? It is. Seem thorough? Maybe, maybe not.

That statistic certainly isn’t an indictment on the recruiter, especially when you consider that the typical, sought-after job receives around 250 applicants. Even with all the tools available, like applicant tracking systems (ATS), there are still human factors that can impede even the most seasoned recruiter, like fatigue due to the sheer volume and subconscious internal biases.

However, the power resumes have held in the applicant reviewing process may now have some viable competition.

Some companies are boldly moving on from resumes altogether, as they enlist the help of AI in an effort to conduct a more inclusive, extensive, and (again, most importantly) expedient search.

Using a tool called Pymetrics, which applies proven neuroscience and advanced AI to enhance the employment process, recruiters can overcome some of the shortcomings of the traditional methods of recruitment, increasing diversity, applications, and decreasing total time-to-fill significantly.

The continued synergy between recruitment and AI is nothing but good news for recruiters and the clients they serve. Online platforms, chatbots, applicant tracking systems, mobile technology, and new ways to integrate AI all contribute to the most important elements in recruiting: speed, speed, and speed.

These new techniques aim to help refine the toolkit available to recruiters, and just in time. Hiring volume in 2019 is only expected to increase, with 61% of recruiters expecting to hire more people.

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