Why Working With a Nashville Staffing Agency Is the Key to Recruiting in the Tennessee Boom

Nashville is booming! We’ve got a great culture, the best music scene in the nation, and now the job market is the second strongest in America. 

But while Nashville continues to be the “it city” for employment, many locals feel left out of the boom. And that’s especially true for workers looking for more than just a job, who are seeking a career with upward mobility. Despite the employment boom, they’re finding it harder than ever to find the right role for them.  

And while unemployment across Tennessee was under 5%, several businesses are reporting persistent difficulty in finding the talent they’re desperate to hire. But our Nashville staffing agency could be a key solution to several of these issues. 

What Kinds of Jobs Are the Hottest in Nashville? 

Across the board, hiring is up. But some jobs are clearly in higher demand. Employers in these sectors must hire faster than ever, and because Nashville is growing rapidly, these industries are building at incredible rates. As a result, the top jobs Nashville employers are looking to hire for are following those trends:  

Contract Staffing: 

Employers need short-term employment like never before. Whether employers need contract workers to cover special projects or reduce their employee headcount during slower periods, contract staffing is a great way to create an on-demand workforce that will keep you up and running during the busiest times. And during slowdowns, employers won’t have to find side projects to keep their staff busy.  

Commercial Employment: 

“Made In Nashville” has never been churning out better products at such a rapid rate. But to maintain tight schedules and satisfy production demands, employers are in a rush to fill roles ranging from inspectors, assemblers, and CNC operators. Not only are Nashville’s manufacturers competing against one another for their share of the market, but they’re in a race to find the best, most productive workers in Tennessee as well.  


Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. But that kind of expansion puts a lot of pressure on construction companies. Construction firms must heavily staff to stay competitive and win the contracts they need to build profits and grow their business. They need to ensure that they’ll have the team they need to get to work right away if they win a bid for a contract.  

Two Keys to Recruiting in This Market 

In this candidate-driven job market, employers and hiring managers have been on their best behavior to attract the talent they’re looking for. These days, providing a top candidate experience is the utmost priority for employers, especially when job seekers have more opportunities than ever to avoid employers who are either rude and uncommunicative, or whose interview process takes far too long.  

Two of the top key strategies for recruiting in this job market are communication and speed. Job seekers want to know where they are in the interviewing process, and they want to work with businesses that know the job market demands expediency. The right staffing agency can be the answer that helps employers and job seekers alike move quickly through the hiring process. 

Our Nashville Staffing Agency Is Bringing Workers and Employers Together 

For all this talk of a booming job market in Nashville, many local workers are feeling left out and underrepresented. That may be due, in part, to one of the signature traits of this job market—quick-turnaround jobs. Workers love contract staffing because of the flexibility it provides, as well as an opportunity to “shop around” to find the best employers. 

But many workers in Nashville want something more long-term—a career with upward mobility. That’s one of the specialties of our Nashville staffing agency: direct placement. With direct placement, job seekers who want security, predictability, and opportunity for growth are finding employers whose culture is a great fit and have the benefits and perks they’re looking for.  

We Can Help! Work With RHM Staffing   

Nashville is booming! The job market keeps on growing. But with all this growth, there are still people who are finding it hard to snag the perfect job. Many employers can’t place the workers they need to hire. That’s why our Nashville staffing agency is such a valuable resource in helping to bring the two together. 

Contact our agency in Nashville today, so you can take advantage of one of the hottest job markets in the nation!