Which Industries Need the Most Help with Staffing?

Photo of man and woman looking over a resume together

Everyone wants to be a hero to somebody. Staffing agencies can be the hero of many companies by allowing them to find the candidates they require for critical and hard-to-fill roles. There are severe talent shortages in the country today, and becoming a part of the solution to that problem can make for a gratifying career.

If you need some convincing, you might be interested to learn about specific industries that need help the most.

The Science Industry Is Facing Unprecedented Candidate Shortages

Science professionals are in low supply, despite the rise of open jobs in the market. Unfortunately, the shortage of professionals has made it extremely difficult for companies to replenish their staff numbers for various roles like lab techs, chemists, R&D scientists, and more. The leading cause of this is a lack of talent from STEM fields. It has been found that 74% of candidates with bachelor’s degrees in a STEM field opt for non-STEM careers. Instead, they are opting for careers in:

  • Management at non-STEM businesses
  • Education for STEM
  • Business and finance
  • Administration support

Given these factors, finding the candidates necessary to fill the roles and retain them is challenging. As a result, STEM companies commonly require outside help to find qualified candidates. By joining the staffing industry, you could serve as the liaison between STEM candidates and their next potential place of employment.

The Engineering Industry Needs Help Hiring

Engineering is a high-value industry since we have become highly reliant on technology for both personal and professional use. Sadly, engineering can be just as challenging to hire for STEM roles. This is primarily because becoming an engineer requires a highly intensive education. Engineering and STEM education requires some of the most challenging courses available in a university setting.

The engineering industry constantly requires everything from advanced mathematics to physics and the natural sciences like biology. The educational requirements increase depending on the type of engineer needed, such as mechanical or biomechanical. This complexity and the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the downturn of engineering students.

The candidates capable of filling the roles of an engineering team are rare, and managers might need some help connecting with qualified candidates.

Construction Jobs Are in Constant Demand

Construction is the type of career that society told many younger generations not to pursue. Yet these roles are vital to our community, and businesses cannot downplay their talents. Without them, much of our comforts would vanish, and we would be left living in an old-fashioned society. Despite this, many people avoid construction careers due to the negative stigma.

Construction professionals could be everyday people who simply need to be connected to a potential employer. As a staffing specialist, you could be why these individuals find gainful employment and provide construction companies with the qualified talent they need to continue building our society.

Staffing to the Rescue

This country’s hiring challenges don’t have any apparent end in sight. As a result, many industries, especially those that require a technical skillset, will rely on staffing agencies to help make up for the disparity. By starting a career in the staffing industry, you are uniquely poised to help rescue these industries and fill the gaps.

Now that you understand how critical this role is, we at RHM Staffing Solutions would love to discuss how a staffing career might be right for you. If you’re interested in joining our team, we offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • PTO
  • 401k with Company Match
  • Incentive Trips
  • Career Advancement
  • Professional Development

We fight to help staff these hard-to-hire industries but can only do so with the help of our specialists. With us, the sky’s the limit, so apply today and be a part of the hiring solution.