93% of Employers Are Planning to Hire Throughout 2022

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Both businesses and individuals have to grow and evolve with time. Whether working for an organization or managing a business, growth and progress are essential. 

Recently, hiring rates have reached pre-pandemic peaks—companies are also growing at rapid rates. New studies are being released every week about talent shortages and the U.S. hiring boom.

All of this is setting the stage for an exciting hiring landscape for 2022. Let’s review the hiring rates in 2021 and forecast how that will shape this new year. 

Hiring Rates Have Gone Up Since 2021

According to a survey conducted by Monster, the hiring rates across the country have seen significant improvement since the dip we saw in early 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Currently, 93% of employers in the world aim to ramp up hiring to get their workforce back to full capacity. Of these employers, 52% have stated that they intend to refill previously terminated positions, and 41% plan to fill brand new positions.

These numbers indicate a growth since last year when only 82% of employers were hiring, with 47% refilling old positions and 35% filling new ones. This growth is not only an important step to returning to the status quo; it offers new opportunities for those not directly involved with those hiring.

Major Industries Are Upping Hiring Efforts

Countless industries are attempting to ramp up their hiring endeavors, and many are extremely important to our society. Many of them are looking to fill new roles entirely.

  • Automotive: The automotive industry is 60% more likely to recruit for new roles.
  • Engineering: The engineering industry is 57% more likely to recruit for new roles.
  • Retail: The retail industry is 56% more likely to recruit for new roles.
  • Insurance: The insurance industry is 55% more likely to recruit for new roles.

With so many major industries looking to fill these roles, it is hardly a surprise that they might have some trouble going it alone. The staffing industry will be heavily relied on to share in the demands of this sharp hiring surge.

Recruitment Agencies Have a Place in This Hiring Surge

The evolution of how most companies go about hiring has led to many recruitment overhauls. Specifically, many employers now take advantage of the services of staffing agencies that can radically increase their hiring potential. The surge in hiring is also an important milestone for those who offer those recruitment services and open opportunities for those looking to enter the field.

The more actively these companies attempt to hire, the more likely they will seek our aid to meet their hiring quota. The more they seek out the aid of recruitment agencies, the more recruiters will be needed on staff to render assistance. This offers you the chance to get in on the ground floor for recruitment positions.

If you are considering a career in recruitment, you might find that you are looking at a much greater opportunity than previously believed. In addition, recruitment offers a range of benefits and advantages that are not as common with other forms of employment.

Become a Part of the Future of Recruitment

The industries of our society need employees to be able to fill their roles, and the events of 2020 led to an unfortunate downturn in employment. However, now that the hiring rates are rising back up, these industries will need some assistance finding the candidates they need.

These industries power our society, and recruiters help to power them. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us today and look for your opportunity. We greatly look forward to hearing from you.