Comparing Experience vs. Potential When Hiring Engineers

Hiring engineers

When hiring a new employee, you always look for proof that a potential candidate will be the right fit for the position. Without hiring an employee temporarily or for project work, the only proof you have is on paper. However, when it comes to bringing aboard a new member to your team, it’s not so black and white. Growth potential is a major player in the hiring game, and a trainable, vibrant candidate is sometimes a better choice than a seasoned one.

Experience is Everything?

Of course experience is a huge plus. A candidate with some general experience or with specific experience in a very similar position will be able to hit the ground running faster and keep your company in motion. This is particularly important for contract positions, where time is of the essence.

A proven track record of consistent and reliable work is also a good sign that that candidate will show up on time and do their job, day in and day out. A good standing with previous employers is a good sign that a candidate can actually do the job that they are applying for.

You’re Going Places…

On the other hand, potential can be a valuable asset to a company. Molding a candidate who can grow above and beyond your specific needs can create an invaluable symbiosis and a long-lasting relationship that can shape not only their career, but your business as well.

Writing off candidates based on their lack of experience can be a grave mistake. After all, even the best-of-the-best have to start somewhere. Bringing on a fresh young mind could help your team find a new angle that they would not otherwise have found with a more conventional mindset.

It is also worth noting that candidates who are newer to the nine-to-five grind are more fresh and hungry to work hard and blossom into the great employee that they hope to be. This drive can often be lost in older, more complacent candidates.

The Grey Areas

The truth is, each hiring situation is as unique as the candidates that are applying for the position. No two experienced candidates are the same as one another, and same goes for the candidates with more untapped potential. It will come down to your company’s needs at that time. The key is to keep in mind that while a more experienced candidate may seem like the smarter choice, you don’t want to overlook a candidate who could one day become the CEO of the company, just because it would take a little extra time to train them.

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