RHM Staffing Solutions works with employers and job seekers. We help employers find talent and fill open positions, and we help people find the job they are looking for.


Finding the right person requires the right process. RHM Staffing solutions approaches every search with a specific recruitment strategy.

To generate the top local talent, we focus on passive job seekers, generating referrals, and utilizing non-traditional e-recruiting techniques. Here’s how we’ll find the right person for the job:

  • Niche Recruiting: Our recruiters are specialists in the industries in which they recruit, so we know your business and we can find the ideal match for your technical needs.
  • Client-Focused: RHM focuses on each client individually and will create a unique recruitment strategy based on your specific needs – one that can be customized to your unique requirements.
  • Customer Needs Analysis: By taking the time to determine the exact person and service that fit your organization from a technical and an organizational perspective, RHM Staffing Solutions is able to provide you with the best fit candidate.
  • Candidate Screening and Assessment: During our skill assessments, phone interviews, and reference checks, we compare all candidates to that profile to determine if they are the right fit for your position.
  • Presentation and Selection: After we match the right candidate to your position, we also make sure the proper screenings, paperwork, and onboarding is complete.
  • Performance Follow-Up: We stay in constant communication with the candidate and address any concerns with the hiring manager.


At RHM we know that every company has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to recruiting talent.

RHM Staffing Solutions specializes in customized staffing solutions for the manufacturing, industrial and distribution sector. We focus on recruiting all levels of employees.


AT RHM we dig deeper to identify candidates who are an ideal match for your organization, whether they are actively searching or currently employed.

We help manufacturing and industrial suppliers hire the right engineering talent to meet project deadlines, adapt to variable demand cycles and control costs.