A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

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Odds are if you’re reading this, you’ve already put some time into thinking about life as a recruiter. You probably already know how exhilarating, fast-paced, rewarding and impactful it can be. You also probably know it’s a great fit for you if your motivated, energetic, ambitious and ready to make a difference in other people’s lives (and some great money while you’re at it).

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what a typical workday can look like from the perspective of a recruiter to shed some more light on what you can expect if you choose to dive in.

If you are somebody who feels discouraged knowing exactly what they’re going to be doing every single day is discouraging, we’ve got good news—no two days as a recruiter are the same. There are so many moving parts in play at any given time that it’s impossible for the same kind of day to repeat itself. But we’ll try and boil it down (as best as we can).

The Typical Day (or The As-Typical-As-It-Can-Get Day)

Managing the Mayhem

Because of how sporadic and unpredictable the nature of life as a recruiter can be, a healthy portion of the typical workday will be taken up by the organization of some sort. Whether it’s scheduling phone calls, interviews, catch up lunches, or updating information in your ATS (applicant tracking system), a high level of organization isn’t only an important soft skill for recruiters to have, but it’s a critical component of successfully staying on top of completing placements and ultimately making a living.


Talent is at a premium today. With unemployment numbers are at their lowest in fifty years, companies are scrambling to fill open positions that seem to remain open no matter what they do. While recruiting will always inherently be sales like, the tight labor market has encouraged a sort of collaboration that is typically unusual in other sales environments where colleagues are pitted against each other in competition. Expect some part of each day spent collaborating with other recruiters on your team, sharing networks, contacts, leads and other helpful information to help overcome modern hiring challenges.

Candidates, Candidates, Candidates!

Usually, a good chunk of your day will revolve around finding, connecting, or reconnecting with candidates (the people you’re helping to find a job). How that happens is entirely unpredictable. A lot of recruiters will confess to spending at least around two hours per day treasure hunting through LinkedIn trying to find candidates that match a job order.

While you’ll always dedicate time emailing, calling, and scouring social networks to make first contact with candidates, you’ll also get the pleasure of meeting them face to face. Candidate interviews are a staple in the everyday work life of recruiters. This can be one of the most enjoyable, rewarding parts of the day as you get to know someone on a much more personal level and work to identify their strengths, weakness, personality, and more to identify which opportunity will ultimately work best for them and for the company that hired you to fulfill their job search.

Connecting with Past Placements

Another part of the rewarding aspect of life as a recruiter is maintaining relationships throughout the years, so it’s very common for recruiters to get back in touch with candidates whom they have already placed at a company. It can be very rewarding to check back in with someone upon whom you’ve had such a positive impact, and it’s also an opportunity to line up future business. Win-win!

At the end of the day, recruiting is filled with its ups and downs (like every field), but remains a highly satisfying, rewarding, and fun career as long you have the disposition, personality, and drive to succeed. 

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