3 Engineering Recruiting Trends to Watch

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The only way your business will attract the best available engineering candidates is by keeping up with the current industry recruiting trends. 

Staying informed about these trends lets you know how to present yourself to the types of difference-makers you want in your organization. Better yet, you’ll learn to speak the language of the most attractive job-seekers in your industry, giving you an immediate foot in the door. 

Read on as this blog highlights the current trends driving recruiting in the engineering job market: 

Technological Frameworks for Remote Work and Virtual Collaborations 

Don’t expect remote work to vanish, along with engineering teams’ expectations that it’s an option. 

So, it will be vital for organizations to invest in virtually connective/collaborative technology. 

In today’s landscape, candidates will be curious about your remote work policies. Show that information on job listings and during interviews. 

There’s then the need to streamline remote work, making it as productive as in-office work, if not more so. 

Thus, using tech for two-way communications between engineers and their managers is a must. Doing so gives your team members a voice during their projects, leading to further job satisfaction. 

A final consideration with remote work is recording all processes and workflows with the appropriate tools. No matter an engineer’s location, language, experience level, or timezone, there must be consistency and clarity for all work. 

Diversity and Equality Are Top of Mind 

These days, no matter the industry, people care about what their employer stands for. And after 2020 where social justice protests were frequent, those interests will only grow for your potential candidates. 

For the above reasons, don’t be surprised to hear questions from candidates about how committed you are to diversity and equality in the workplace. 

One type of question that’s popped up for many hiring managers involves leadership team demographics. More specifically, how diverse are your company’s higher-ups? Candidates are also curious about employee resource groups. 

Keep in mind, this factor isn’t all about ethics. Diversity is healthy for engineering businesses, their teams, and their bottom lines. 

Look at it through a candidate’s lens: 

Would you want to work for an engineering company that’s behind the times by a decade in diversity hiring? Even at the surface, the optics are poor at best.

Workplace Culture Wins the Day 

The virtual workplace of 2021 opens you up to a much vaster pool of talent. You’re no longer stuck to the local scene. Instead, your business can take recruitment campaigns global, strengthening your search for difference-making engineering candidates. 

However, the world runs on a series of checks and balances. So, your heightened access to talent is somewhat derailed by the level of competition you’re now facing. 

After all, it’s not like you’re the only engineering company leveraging remote and virtual collaboration technology. 

While – yes- you can try to compete based on compensation, you’ll find that approach has its limits. 

Your best bet in staving off global competition for top engineering candidates is excellent workplace culture. 

Be mindful that workplace culture goes beyond self-fulfillment. In line with pushing diversity, candidates look for employers who want to impact society in a meaningful, positive way. 

Presenting a powerful mission statement and a standout set of values will give potential hires something to sink their teeth into. 

Keeping up with industry trends is easier said than done when you’re trying to simultaneously manage day-to-day operations. Fortunately, there’s a solution to the above problem–teaming up with RHM Staffing Solutions for top engineering talent. 

We live, eat, sleep, and breathe industry trends, always keeping our fingers on the pulse, so you can land the best available candidates on the job market. Contact us today to find out more.